Action, Kindle Unlimited, New Adult, Psychological


When you’re a fucking rock God like I am, you learn to ignore the rumors. People always whisper behind your back. And there is no bigger target than me, Noah Hardy.

I can’t exactly blame them, it’s not like I’ve lived the life of a saint. I guess it’s not surprising that people will be so willing to believe the worst. The haters are gonna hate, and I’m not one to let them bring me down.


The problem is, when the whole world turns on you at once… when they all think you’re something you’re not… well, then it’s hard to ignore. Hell, you might even start to believe it yourself, after a while.

I went from being on top of the world, selling out entire stadiums one week, to running from the spotlight and completely unplugged the next.

I just about hit rock bottom, and there was nothing to greet me down there but the shadows of a whole bunch of fair-weather friends.

Except her. Laurel.

She believed. She understood me. She wanted to help.

But she may have shown up in my life just a few moments too late…

***This is a stand-alone romance novel with an HEA. It contains sex, drugs, and rock and roll, so is intended for adults only. Also as an added bonus, this copy of Unplugged contains the entire first Black Dogs MC novel – Sanctum. Sanctum is another adult romance, but as it is an MC book, it contains some violence.***